how will an attorney help a birth mom?
how will an attorney help a birth mom?

How will an attorney help a birth mother?

Being pregnant and considering adoption is scary and overwhelming. Birth mothers have rights and options. Your lawyer will explain your rights and options to you.

Agency or independent?

For example, you can choose an agency adoption, or an independent (private) adoption. In a private adoption, you will get to select adoptive parents.

Open, Closed, Semi-Open?

An open adoption is where you select the adoptive family for your baby. There will be no secrecy, and as your baby grows, he/she will learn about their biological history.

Before you choose your adoptive parents, you will learn about their values, their faith, and the type of home your baby will grow up in. You can decide what type of contact you will have – you can have texts, pictures, letters or visits. Or you can choose to have minimal contact. We can help you draft a written agreement for any future contact, if any, you will have with the adoptive parents.

A majority of private adoptions are now open.

In a semi-open adoption, the birth mother and adoptive parents have contact during her pregnancy, and may even meet in person. However, after the adoption, they may share information through an intermediary (agency or attorney). Photographs and letters are often exchanged, but little to no identifying information is disclosed. In an semi-open adoption, privacy may be protected.

In a closed adoption, no contact informtaion is shared between the birth mother and adoptive parents. A closed adoption is the most protective of birth mother’s privacy.

You will decide which type of adoption you want.


The adoption journey does not end after placement. You have just done what seemed like the impossible. The healing may be instant; or it may take time. There are resources, we will help you.

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How Will an Attorney help birth mom?

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